Saturday, December 13, 2008


I thought the day would never come...but it did. I finally graduated!! I had family and friends there to support me and it felt really good to know that I finally made it. The ceremony really wasn't too bad, it only took a little over an hour. Afterwards, we went to Brad's parents house for cake and drinks. It was so nice of his parents to do that for me. I have the greatest in-laws ever!! Here's my 20 week picture, taken right before we left for graduation.

Here's Brad and me right after the ceremony.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly :)

Some things we're looking forward to:
1. Wednesday will officially mark 20 weeks in our pregnancy which means we're about half way! Not a day goes by that we don't feel exceptionally blessed and thank God for this miracle baby. (I know I say that a lot, but for those that know our history know that it truly is a miracle!) She's moving a lot more each day and it is such a wonderful feeling. :)
2. I'm FINALLY graduating from UTA on Friday. My bachelor's degree will be in Interdisciplinary Studies and, when the time is right, I will become certified to teach. I can't wait to walk across that stage, knowing that I finally did it!
3. Brad is finally getting a few days off this week. He has been working almost 80 hour weeks and that's not easy! He was scheduled to have 3 days off, but because of my graduation he is getting 4 off. One of those days he is painting the nursery, but the rest of the time will be spent doing something more enjoyable. (Hopefully he can feel Haylee moving since she always does when he's at work.)
4. Of course, we also can't wait for Christmas. Only 2 1/2 more weeks! Last Christmas was a rough one for us because we miscarried on the day, so we are really looking forward to this one being much better. We got all of our decorations up so we're definitely in the Christmas spirit now! (Brad was forced to a long time ago since Wal Mart starts playing Christmas music about 13 months too early!)

We hope everyone else is ready for the holidays! As the kids I babysit informed me this morning, only 17 more days!


Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was yesterday and I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a wonderful husband who is so supportive in every way and I could not have made it this far without him. Our miracle baby is growing more everyday and we have so many people praying for us (it is truly amazing)!! Graduation is in two weeks and I honestly thought this day would never come. It's been a rough journey, but I've almost made it! Brad and I truly have such a great family and group of friends that we feel blessed everyday to have everyone in our lives. Although we did not get to have a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, we were still able to enjoy the true meaning of the day. Brad is working hard right now since this is a very busy time of year for the retail business. I know the long hours and consecutive days are not fun AT ALL, but with the economy like it is we can only be thankful he has such a good job. I'm scrambling to finish my (neverending) paper and to be finished with this semester. Needless to say, we spent Thanksgiving working and studying. We did get to spend a few hours with Brad's family and had a really good time. (Go Cowboys!!) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sugar and spice and everything nice....

...that's what little GIRLS are made of! We went to the doctor today and found out we're having a girl! She is measuring right on target (well actually about 10 days ahead of schedule). Brad and I were both big babies when we were born so the nurse said the likelihood of her being big also was pretty good. She weighs 8 oz. and is measuring about 7 inches long. Our miracle baby is growing everyday and we couldn't be happier!!
Yes, we've already decided on a name. Her name is Haylee Gail Hodges and she is named after her grandmothers. (My mom's middle name is Lee and Brad's mom's middle name is Gail.)


Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Brad's 27th birthday is on Wednesday so we had a little get together last night during the Cowboy game. We ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream. (I was in heaven, haha!) I got his cake from Cooper St. Bakery and they did such a great job!

We also bought a new firebowl for outside so we decided to put that to good use. We sat around talking and roasting marshmallows. It was so much fun!

We are VERY excited that the Cowboys won too. What a great night all around! Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world!!! :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


14 weeks:
16 weeks:
I talked to a good friend today who hasn't seen me since the pregnancy and she said "Well at 16 weeks you must be starting to show." Umm....yep, just a little. Haha!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Update

On Monday I had my cardiology appointment to find out the results of my echocardiogram. For those that don't know, about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with mild cardiomyopathy. Basically the doctor said that my heart was a little weaker then normal. I toned down my workouts to a more comfortable level and continued to eat healthier. Well we got great news on Monday. Not only did the cardiologist think that my heart would hold up just fine through the pregnancy, he also said that he no longer sees any cardiomyopathy and that my heart looks very normal. Hooray!!! I could not be happier with those results! (Being diagnosed with heart disease, whether it be mild or severe, at the age of 23 is very scary!!)

On Tuesday we had our first appointment with my regular OB during the pregnancy. I have transferred back to her for a few reasons. It is cheaper to see her than the maternal fetal doctor, it only takes 10 min. to get to her office as opposed to 30 min. to get to the other one, and we will now be delivering at Arlington Memorial (which is also closer to home). We did not have a sonogram at this appointment but are scheduled for one in 2 weeks. At this appt. the doctor measured my stomach and found the heartbeat. She was very satisfied with those things and didn't feel it necessary to do a sonogram that day. If they baby is cooperative in 2 weeks we MIGHT be able to find out the sex. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy but Fun!

The past week was very busy but also very fun! On Sat., Oct. 18, our good friend Mike flew in from Florida to stay with us for the week. Sat., Oct. 25, our other good friend Shane got married and both Brad and Mike were groomsmen. Brad took the week off from work so he could relax and enjoy the time with Mike. We had a really good time watching football, going to Sundance Square, just hanging out, and getting ready for the wedding. This picture is from our dinner at Daddy Jack's in Fort Worth.

One of our favorite events of the whole week was getting to meet Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. He was at Barnes and Noble signing his new book. Josh is one of our favorite players and a true inspiration to many. He is an outstanding baseball player who made some "bad decisions" for a few years before turning his life around. His book is about that difficult journey and his amazing outcome. We can all learn a little from him!

The week ended with Shane and Amanda's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we wish them the very best! Here's a picture of the three amigos (Mike, Shane, Brad).

Friday, October 17, 2008

One healthy baby and two angels watching over

We got some "mixed" news at the doctor today. First, our twins did not make it. They are measuring about 8 weeks and no longer have heartbeats. That was definitely not what we were hoping to hear. The doctor was always a little more concerned about them and the risks were higher because they were identical and shared everything, including the placenta. The up side is that the other baby is doing great. He/she is the appropriate size and everything looks exactly like it should so far. It was neat to see him/her move around during the sonogram, what an active baby! The doctor said he must have woken him/her up. In some of the pictures it looks like the baby is sucking his/her thumb....very cute! We were devastated to hear about the twins, but we're thrilled to know that the other baby looks so good. This baby is truly a miracle and we have to stay strong for him/her!

(Sorry the picture is hard to see. Ours is much clearer but I can't seem to get it that clear on here.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

12 Week Update

We feel truly blessed to have made it to 12 weeks. I have to admit it's been a lot of fun so far. All the "bad" side effects that accompany pregnancy are so worth it. I can't say I have a single complaint. Brad and I are really enjoying the protruding belly. We think it gets bigger everyday, which is awesome because it means our babies are growing! Overall, I feel pretty good. I'll have a lot more updates after the appointments we have coming up.

Friday, Oct. 17 - Maternal Fetal Doctor
Monday, Oct. 20 - Cardiologist
Tuesday, Oct. 21 - Dietitian

For now I will leave you with the 12 week belly shot and promise to give a better update after Friday's appointment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My New Mommy Mobile

The search for a bigger car didn't take very long. We went to Carmax because we've been really pleased with them in the past. At first we were going to trade Brad's truck in and keep my Explorer. The truck market right now is HORRIBLE though and we would have been way too top heavy. They offered us more than Kelly Blue Book value for the Explorer though so that's what we traded in instead. It was sad to see the Explorer go because I loved it, but I'm adjusting to the new one pretty well. We ended up finding a great deal with a 2007 Ford Expedition. It has plenty of room for all three babies PLUS the triple stroller.

I will also leave you with my 10 week "bump". This is what happens when you miss Pilates for 2 months. J/k!! I was not going to put it up because I think I look fat and not pregnant at this point, but since several people have told me I HAVE TO I guess I will. If you think I look fat too, lie and tell me you don't. Haha! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1. are you going to handle three??
---First of all, I must admit that Brad and I are already getting tired of people saying "it's going to be hard". We NEVER once said it would be easy. We know that some days are going to be long and busy (and it might be necessary to end them with a glass of wine). We also know that it is going to be the best challenge we've ever accepted and we can't wait for the experience (and we probably won't be able to afford any wine!!). We want these babies more than anything in the world and have no problem giving up some sleep and sanity to raise them. We accept the challenge with open arms!!
2. Should I start buying you diapers now?
--Haha, all we have to say is that if you want to contribute to the diaper fund we will not stop you. I read somewhere that a family of triplets goes through like 900 diapers a month. That requires each baby to go through 10 diapers each day which really just depends on the baby. Regardless of how many each wears daily, it will still be a lot. Since we know they are going to be the smartest babies ever, maybe they will potty train when they're one. ;-)
3. Do you know the sexes yet? Do you want to know?
--It's too early to know what they are right now. Several people asked us when we were only 7 and 8 weeks along. Most of the people that ask have had kids of their own and Brad keeps wanting to ask them if they found out this early. I know that some people just ask questions and don't really stop to think about the timeline. We do want to know what they are when the time comes. I think we still have about 2 months though.
4. Are you going to stay in the same house?
--As much as we need a bigger house now, we just won't be able to afford it with me not working. We were actually looking at houses before I found out I was pregnant, but we were going to wait until I got a teaching job to move. Without that income it would just be better to stay put for a while. We have a very affordable house payment though so we really can't complain.

These are just a few questions that we get asked very frequently. It's so funny to see people's reactions when they find out. Most of our friends and family know what a journey it has been for us and are beyond thrilled when they hear the news. We couldn't be more excited either and can't wait to see what else God has in store for us!

Friday, September 19, 2008

High Risk Doctor's Visit

I had my first appointment with the high risk doctor today. Brad was in between his 12-hour shifts so he was home sleeping. I said I didn't mind going by myself. Since I ended up being there for 2 1/2 hours I'm glad he didn't give up his sleep. First, the nurse did a sonogram and I heard all three heartbeats again. Everyone is doing great so far! The doctor came in after that and went over all the complications that could arise with triplets (and also with the identical twins since they share a placenta). I like that he was honest and didn't try to sugar coat anything. He simply told me everything that we will be watching out for in the next several months. He gave me a prescription for extra folic acid and iron to take along with my prenatal vitamins.
We then went on to talk about my diet and gave me some surprising information. He wants me consuming 3500 calories each day!! I will be working with a dietitian to try and achieve this in the healthiest way possible. This is going to take some work for me because, as most of you know, I lost about 70 lbs two years ago and have worked really hard since then to keep it off. I would guess that right now I consume about 1500 calories a day, maybe 2000 on my "bad days". I will do whatever it takes to make these babies healthy and strong though!! The dietitian should be calling to set up an appointment soon. I took the first step tonight and stopped at Taco Bell on the way home from work. I know that's not extremely healthy but I've been craving a bean burrito for three days now. I finally convinced myself it was ok to give long as it was just one.
Now here's the hard part....he wants to see me back in 4 weeks. We've been really spoiled by having a sonogram every week and now we have to wait 4 weeks?! I don't know if we can wait that long!! Just kidding..we'll be ok.

Oh yes - the doctor said that one of the easiest ways to add extra calories was to drink a 6-pack a day. He said this provided a good source of carbs and calories, but for some reason most pregnant women decided against it. Hmm.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our three little miracles!!!

We had another sonogram this morning to make sure everything was progressing normally. These pictures are actually backwards, but there's a picture of each of them. Baby C is on top, followed by Baby B and then Baby A. (Yes, that is what they are being called until we name them - even by the doctors.) A and B are the identical twins. The doctor said they are about 1/3 of an inch long and we could tell they were bigger just from 6 days ago. We heard all three heartbeats today too which was so incredible!! So as far as we can tell everyone is doing great!
I'm really trying to work through the morning sickness, which only seems to be getting worse. I got "sick sick" for the first time today and it was not very fun. I couldn't even hold down saltines so I knew it was going to be a rough day. They gave me a new prescription to try so hopefully that will work. I have my first appointment with the high risk doctor next Friday and I'm looking forward to that. Our official due date now is April 29, but with triplets I'll probably be at least a month early. We pray they stay in as long as they can though!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Three's Not a Crowd!!

Wow is about all I can say! We got some incredible news at our sonogram this morning. We're having triplets!! There is a set of identicle twins in one sac and then one baby in the other sac. We are beyond ecstatic! We were able to see the heart beats of all three of them which was so amazing. Our approximate due date is April 30, 2009. Usually the doctor says to come back in a couple weeks but since there's 3 of them she wants me back next Friday. We got several pictures of each, but since they're so small I think it's too hard to put them on the computer right now. Hopefully we'll get better ones next week to put up.

Also, we'll start the sign up list in a few months for helpers. Haha!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The City of Arlington needs something better to do!!

I was walking by the front door a few minutes ago when I noticed something taped to the glass. I opened the door to take it off, thinking it was some advertisement. Boy was I wrong! It is a notice from the City of Arlington that we need to mow our lawn. I will admit that it looks bad right now, but since when do they issue notices for that?!?! It says that we have 7 days to correct this violation and that it is the only violation we are allowed to receive for the next 12 months. I think this is completely ridiculous! Brad is not going to be happy when he wakes up and sees it. I will admit that this is something I "nag" him about. I like the yard to be kept up with, but I help as much as I can. Obviously I can't right now though so it's just up to him. We actually just had a discussion a couple nights ago about him helping out a little more. I tend to do everything around the house just because that's how I am. Since I can't do too much right now, I explained to him that I need a little help. It frustrates me to no end to not be able to do something myself. I'm already anxious because I've spent the last 2 days in bed being so sick that I haven't been able to do anything! (Thankfully the doctor is going to give me some medicine so I can make it to work and school the rest of this week.) However, I can't do anything about the yard no matter how much I want to. I guess I'm doing a little nagging now and I apologize for that. I'm not trying to pick on anyone, I'm simply frustrated with the situation. I think the City of Arlington needs to find something better to do with their time! Seriously.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Countdown to Friday is on.....

First of all, I have to say I'm sorry I haven't written anything in over a week. The truth is I haven't had too much to write about, but since there has been some concern when I don't write anything (sorry Mom!!) I thought I could at least come up with something. We are very anxious for Friday to get here (for the sonogram) and so happy that we have made it this far. I WAS feeling pretty good, but that all changed this weekend. I started feeling sick here and there, but today was by far the worst. I have literally spent the ENTIRE DAY laying down, doing NOTHING. If you know me at all, then you know that I am always doing something! Today, however, I have done absolutely nothing except try not to get sick. It is getting a little better as the day goes on though. Other than that, the headaches, frequent trips to the bathroom, and the complete lack of energy, everything's going great! :) I must admit that I really don't mind any of's so worth it in my mind!!! There's not too much else to report right now. We're staying busy with work (and for me school). Friday will be here before we know it!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Labor Day weekend!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


We had a repeat pregnancy test today, which is standard, just to make sure the HCG level continued to rise appropriately. It went up to 808 which is great! We have our first sonogram scheduled for Friday, Sept. 5. We are very optimistic that it will work this time. I am really taking it easy and plan to especially take care around the time I usually miscarry. We're determined that it won't happen this time. This baby is here to stay! :)

On another note, my mom was able to get into a neurologist already and they are about 90% sure that she has Parkinson's. Her brain scans came back normal, but I guess the scan won't always show what they're looking for in the early stages. When the doctor did other tests on her in the office, however, she showed many sure signs of Parkinson's. The good news is that they don't expect her symptoms to get any worse for at least 5 years. It could be another 20 years before anything major changes. She will be participating in a study for a new drug, which will also give her opportunity to have more testing done. The news is very good for right now! My dad is already joking with her that if her hand tremor gets any worse he's going to get her a guitar to play. That's my Dad for ya!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good News!!

The doctor's office just called with good news! They test the HCG level and want to see at least 20, but anything over 100 is really good. My level was 266! We are so excited! It's still very early though and we just need to keep praying that everything continues to progress normally. Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tomorrow is a big day, not only for us and finding out if we're pregnant or not, but also for my mom. She has been having some "concerns" lately and finally talked with her doctor yesterday. The doctor is worried that these symptoms might be the beginning of Parkinson's. Her MRI is scheduled for tomorrow and pending the results she will make an appointment with a neurologist. Please keep my mom in your prayers tomorrow while she undergoes the testing. After beating cancer many years ago, I know that she can get through anything. She's a fighter!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Embryo Transfer

Today was the embryo transfer and everything went as planned. The top picture shows the 2 embryos that we used. The left images are still frozen, the right are after they were thawed and began the expansion process. The picture underneath is harder to see, but the uterus is approximately in the middle. The "dot" in the center of the uterus is the embryos right after they were released. Now we just keep our fingers crossed and wait (as patiently as possible) until the pregnancy test next Wednesday!!
--(Sorry the pictures aren't very clear. We don't have a scanner so I took pictures of our print outs.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Set for Monday!!

We went to the doctor today and everything looks good. The nurse that made my calendar messed up one of the medications. She had put the progesterone start day as yesterday when it was supposed to be today. I went ahead and started it yesterday even though I had a feeling I should call and double check. We've been through this enough times that I should have called. It doesn't hurt anything, it just means that the transfer will be Monday. It has to be on the 6th day of progesterone. We don't mind doing it a day early! Brad is on vacation next week so it works out perfectly. I am off from school and only work on Friday so I'll have plenty of time to rest. Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers!!! We couldn't do this without our WONDERFUL family and friends.
Here's the new dates:
Transfer- Monday, August 11
Preg. Test- Wednesdy, August 20

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IVF update

Ok, we finally get to post something regarding one of the main reasons we started this page. We are truly blessed to have so many people that care about us and continue to be actively involved in our lives. While we don't mind making 20 phone calls after every doctors visit to keep everyone updated, this is much easier! As most of you know, we have been doing fertility for 3 years now. We have done in vitro 5 times, 3 resulting in miscarriage and the other 2 simply not taking. We are now beginning the sixth try and I have to say we have mixed feelings. I have never wanted to do something so bad while at the same NOT wanted to do it just as much. It is a very emotional journey, but I know we will get through it. I have no doubt in my mind that we have a strong enough relationship to deal with whatever life throws at us. We've proved that many times already! To start with, here are the scheduled dates for the major "events". Sometimes they change depending on the body's readiness and response to medicine, but usually only by a day or so.
Embryo Transfer - Tuesday, August 12
Pregnancy Test - Thursday, August 21
Of course, we are really hoping for a good outcome and we will keep everyone updated as the information changes.

Everyone think "baby thoughts"!! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Weekend

This past Saturday Brad's cousin Crystal got married. We went to Boyd, TX (about 45 min. away) for the beautiful event. The wedding took place at a church there and then the reception followed at Crystal's parent's house. They own quite a bit of land so they set up a covered area for the food and cake and there was a live band. We had a blast! The cake was delicious (which is the only reason I go to weddings!!...haha J/K!!!), Crystal looked absolutely beautiful, and it was fun to hang out with the family. The top picture is the newlyweds (obviously), then it's Brad and me with his parents and sisters, and then just us girls. I married into the best family ever!! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My husband says I'm clumsy...all I can say is "OUCH!!!"

This morning Brad sent me a text message saying that he would really like it if I met him for lunch. Since he started at the new store, we don't get to have lunch together very often because it's about 20-25 minutes away. Of course I was thrilled to be able to go meet him. We had a great lunch at Wendy's and I decided to splurge a little knowing that I would go work out afterwards. I was feeling a little lazy though and thought I would do a pilates video at home first, then head to the gym for some cardio. I changed clothes, but left my shoes off for the pilates. As I was moving the coffee table in our living room, so that I could have more room, I managed to pull the table over my big toe...taking off part of the toenail. At first I thought I just stubbed it pretty bad, but one look down was all it took to realize I was wrong. The intense pain hit shortly after, only confirming that I had ONCE AGAIN managed to hurt myself. Needless to say I called my parents to tell them what I had done and they graciously came right over to help me clean it up and get it properly bandaged. I did take a picture to send to Brad since he was working, but I didn't think it was necessary to post it here. It's not a pretty picture, trust me! The whole point of this really is that...I AM CLUMSY. I am constantly hurting myself. I always have bruises on my legs I can't explain because I don't think twice when I run into things anymore. Sheesh...when will I learn to be more careful???

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I must start out by saying that I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends. Brad had to work all weekend so he wasn't able to do much, but I hung out with our friends and had a really good time. On Friday I went with some of our friends to watch and set off fireworks in Red Oak. That was fun (even though their kiddos did NOT like the loud noises). I was scared to death of fireworks when I was younger so I could completely relate...especially when they are right in front of you. It can be a little scary for the little ones. Saturday we hung out almost all day. For dinner we cooked steaks, corn on the cob and asparagus. Oh my goodness, it all turned out delicious! Matt also cooked his special shrimp and they were great too! We had such a blast. After dinner, I learned how to shoot a BB gun. I actually did pretty good considering it was my first time. Then we decided to take some goofy pictures with shotguns (unloaded of course). Yes, we are easily amused!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Summer Goes So Quickly....

We have been so busy lately, but at the same time it seems like we haven't really done much. We did get to slip away to San Antonio a couple weekends ago to meet up with my cousin Sonja. She is from North Dakota and was visiting some family in Victoria, TX. They had to go to San Antonio for work so she went along with them. Brad just happened to have the weekend off so we drove down there. We had a blast, but didn't take many pictures. It was great to see Sonja AND to just relax for a few days. That's the only big thing we've done. Between Brad's work and my summer school, we don't have time for much more.

Brad is really enjoying his job, but he works hard! We just found out that, starting in a couple weeks, he will have to work overnight for the next 6 months. It won't be too bad though and there's always been the possibility of it happening so we were somewhat prepared.

We finally were able to go back to the doctor.....after waiting 3 months for all the bloodwork results to come back!! Everything came back normal, which is good, so we are set to try again. We keep joking around saying, "Who's up for Round 6?!?!" I guess we have to be! Please keep us in your prayers as we attempt the in vitro...ONCE AGAIN!

I guess that's the all the big stuff for now. Oh yes...can't forget...Congrats to Travis and Jana Kay on the birth of their new little girl, Jayden! We can't wait to meet her!!! :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthday Fun!

Well things have definitely been busy lately, but a lot of fun!! We had a cook out for my birthday last night and it was a blast! Since Brad had to work late, our friend Matthew graciously took up the job as "grillmaster". He did a wonderful job I must say. The burgers were awesome! Lauren helped me get everything else ready and I could not have done it without her. I seriously have such a great family and group of friends. I could not have asked for a better way to turn a quarter of a century!! Our good friend Mike came in from Florida yesterday as well. He's staying with us until Friday so we have a lot of fun things planned this week. I was the only one who knew he was coming so that was a fun surprise for everyone else. We went up to Brad's work before the party to surprise him. It definitely caught him off guard, but he was thrilled. They have been playing video games ALL DAY so far. Haha!! Now I'm off to try to get the guys to play my new Wii with me instead of their X-box war games. This could take some bribing. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Backyard...or Zoo??

For some reason our backyard has turned into a place for the animals. We have had a bird feeder outside for a long time now, but it used to be hanging right outside the kitchen window. One day when it was REALLY windy I took it down and set it on the patio table so it would stop tapping against the glass. Before I did this, I never once saw a bird eat from it. Ever since it's been on the table, we've had visitors! There are 2 cardinals (a male and female) that come several times a day now. I'm starting to feel like they're ours. It's become "their" feeded almost and I think it's really cool. I see them everyday eating and interacting and it's really neat. In the past week or two we've also had 2 bunnies hopping through the grass. I finally got a picture of one of them today. Whenever I see them I throw some baby carrots out there, but I never actually witness them eating them. Today, however, I got to watch one of the rabbits nibbling away at the carrots. Bunnies are soooooo cute!! It's so much fun to see the animals come back and visit us!
Ok, so maybe I should mention the other visitor we had today. I was watching one of the bunnies and trying to figure out what he was staring out. I finally spotted the slithering SNAKE gliding through the grass right next the fence! I hope he goes away and NEVER comes back!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok, so I decided last week that I was going to get serious about losing these last 5-10 lbs. Actually I HAD lost them, I just gained them back. (Dang it!) So this past week I tried to get back to making better choices and making it to the gym a little more often. It obviously didn't work out too well because I GAINED almost a pound. That leaves me no choice but to start counting my points again and being very strict about it. I'm really going to put forth an effort this week so I'll let you know how it goes. Next weigh-in is next Sunday!! :)

Also, Brad has been an assistant manager for 1 week now and it's going great! His hours are different so we're getting used to that, but they're definitely not bad hours. Nothing bad has happened at his store yet (haha!) and hopefully it will stay that way. His last week in training was food school and he got to make donuts and a cake on the last day. This is a picture of the cake he made. He's the best hubby ever...and the cake was delicious!! (Maybe that's why I gained a pound!!) Oh well :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Looking Couple ;)

Spring semester is over..woo hoo!!! The last few weeks have been a little stressful and I finally feel like I can relax a little. I have so many projects around the house I want to do (or should I say NEED to do) and I can finally start on some of them. I don't really get a break from school, however, since I'm doing Maymester, Summer I, and Summer II, but it defnitely won't be as intense as this past semester. Knowing that I will graduate in 7 months makes it much easier to push myself.

Ok, on to something a little more exciting. Brad and I finally got pictures done together for the first time since the wedding. Can you believe that was 3 1/2 years ago?? A lady that I babysit for is starting her own photography business. We went to the Botanic Gardens and stayed mainly in the Rose Garden area. The pictures turned out great! We were so happy with them that we ordered probably too many and now have pictures of ourselves all over our house. :-) To see all of the pictures that were taking, go to, click on Portraits, then Clients, and the password is bradcindy. They won't stay up forever, but at least for another week or so. If anyone needs or wants pictures done, I HIGHLY recommend Erin. She is awesome!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's May already?!?!

Wow, I can't believe it's May already. I guess time really does fly because we sure are having fun! We slept in our new king size bed last night. It was awesome! We have been wanting one for a long time and are so excited to finally have it. We saved the $50 delivery charge by picking it up and putting it together ourselves. I actually drove the truck home with everything loaded in the back of it!! Brad met me up there on his way home from work to drive it, but I felt like I could handle it so he just followed me home. I did a good job if I do say so myself! :-) Once we got home we unloaded it and put it together without any problems. It was definitely worth saving the money!

As for the MRI - the results came back and everything looked great! I'm so glad that it looked ok, but that still leaves the question of what is causing the pain. Oh well...maybe it is just scar tissue flaring up. We may never know. I talked to the fertility clinic today and we still have 8 frozen embryos. As soon as the bloodwork results are in, we will talk with the doctor and find out what the next step is. I never IN MY WILDEST DREAMS thought I would be dealing with all of this, especially at this age!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy, Busy!!

This past weekend was Lauren M.'s baby shower that Lauren S. and I did. It went great! We were really impressed with how everything turned out since we tried not to spend a lot of money. The food turned out great and the games were a lot of fun. We can't wait to meet Baby Lola! She is going to be the best dressed little girl in the state of Texas! :-)
On a more serious note, I've been having more pain on my right side in the abdominal/pelvic area. I had an MRI done yesterday and am waiting for the results. I also talked to the fertility clinic today and we're just waiting for one more test to come back (from the bloodwork). Once it's all in, we will schedule a consult with our doctor to talk about the next step.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Re-committing to a healthier ME!!!!!!!!!

I've "slipped" off of my healthier ways lately and I've decided it's time to get back on track! So this morning I got up super early for the 5:30 total toning class at the Y. Yes, every part of me wanted to hit snooze this morning and convince myself I was way too tired. HOWEVER, I got up and went and I feel great! The class was an hour of...obviously by the body toning. I'm so glad I went and I know the rest of my day is going to better because I did. I'm going to keep going to the gym and try to eat a little better...summer IS just around the corner. The thought of bathing suit shopping terrifies me...haha!'s to a better me!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

This Week

This week has been super busy! With the semester coming to an end, every teacher begins to "freak out" and decide that we must start cramming. Needless to say, school is a little stressful right now. If a break was coming things might look ok, but I won't really get a break until I'm done. Since that is only 9 months away (and will be the END), I just keep pushing. I'm so close to graduating!

On another note, that was quite a storm last night. It didn't last very long, but the hail was pretty strong. I decided that it would be so cool to put some in the freezer. I filled up a bowl, ran in the room to show Brad just how cool it was, and he says "Why in the world do we need to save that??" maybe he had a point. I now have hail in our freezer and have no clue what to do with it. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Anyhow, it's Friday and I couldn't be happier!! Although this week was crazy, I had a WONDERFUL time getting to see Jana Kay. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend like her. (Hope you have a safe trip home JK!!!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm procrastinating...

So I'm supposed to be writing a paper and I can come up with about 100 things I'd rather be doing instead. I figured I would take the opportunity to do this! It's Friday and I'm really excited. This weekend is going to be awesome! Tonight I'm doing some more baby shower planning for Lauren and baby Lola. Tomorrow Brad and I are doing the yard (if you've seen it you know that this is big news!!) and then I'm going out with my sister-in-law and her friends for her b-day. Sunday afternoon we're having a big party for her with the family. Jana Kay is coming into town this weekend too and I can't wait to see her!! Alright...I guess I better get back to work on this never ending paper.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I figured it out!

I think I'm starting to figure this out a little bit...slowly but surely! I finally figured out how to add my friends' pages to my links. Woo hoo! Maybe later today I will actually write something interesting. :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

My first blog ever!

Alright, obviously I'm new to this. I figure it's a good way to keep everyone up to date on the CRAZY lives of Brad and Cindy. As soon as I learn more about what's going on...I'll start blogging!