Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy but Fun!

The past week was very busy but also very fun! On Sat., Oct. 18, our good friend Mike flew in from Florida to stay with us for the week. Sat., Oct. 25, our other good friend Shane got married and both Brad and Mike were groomsmen. Brad took the week off from work so he could relax and enjoy the time with Mike. We had a really good time watching football, going to Sundance Square, just hanging out, and getting ready for the wedding. This picture is from our dinner at Daddy Jack's in Fort Worth.

One of our favorite events of the whole week was getting to meet Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. He was at Barnes and Noble signing his new book. Josh is one of our favorite players and a true inspiration to many. He is an outstanding baseball player who made some "bad decisions" for a few years before turning his life around. His book is about that difficult journey and his amazing outcome. We can all learn a little from him!

The week ended with Shane and Amanda's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we wish them the very best! Here's a picture of the three amigos (Mike, Shane, Brad).

Friday, October 17, 2008

One healthy baby and two angels watching over

We got some "mixed" news at the doctor today. First, our twins did not make it. They are measuring about 8 weeks and no longer have heartbeats. That was definitely not what we were hoping to hear. The doctor was always a little more concerned about them and the risks were higher because they were identical and shared everything, including the placenta. The up side is that the other baby is doing great. He/she is the appropriate size and everything looks exactly like it should so far. It was neat to see him/her move around during the sonogram, what an active baby! The doctor said he must have woken him/her up. In some of the pictures it looks like the baby is sucking his/her thumb....very cute! We were devastated to hear about the twins, but we're thrilled to know that the other baby looks so good. This baby is truly a miracle and we have to stay strong for him/her!

(Sorry the picture is hard to see. Ours is much clearer but I can't seem to get it that clear on here.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

12 Week Update

We feel truly blessed to have made it to 12 weeks. I have to admit it's been a lot of fun so far. All the "bad" side effects that accompany pregnancy are so worth it. I can't say I have a single complaint. Brad and I are really enjoying the protruding belly. We think it gets bigger everyday, which is awesome because it means our babies are growing! Overall, I feel pretty good. I'll have a lot more updates after the appointments we have coming up.

Friday, Oct. 17 - Maternal Fetal Doctor
Monday, Oct. 20 - Cardiologist
Tuesday, Oct. 21 - Dietitian

For now I will leave you with the 12 week belly shot and promise to give a better update after Friday's appointment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My New Mommy Mobile

The search for a bigger car didn't take very long. We went to Carmax because we've been really pleased with them in the past. At first we were going to trade Brad's truck in and keep my Explorer. The truck market right now is HORRIBLE though and we would have been way too top heavy. They offered us more than Kelly Blue Book value for the Explorer though so that's what we traded in instead. It was sad to see the Explorer go because I loved it, but I'm adjusting to the new one pretty well. We ended up finding a great deal with a 2007 Ford Expedition. It has plenty of room for all three babies PLUS the triple stroller.

I will also leave you with my 10 week "bump". This is what happens when you miss Pilates for 2 months. J/k!! I was not going to put it up because I think I look fat and not pregnant at this point, but since several people have told me I HAVE TO I guess I will. If you think I look fat too, lie and tell me you don't. Haha! Thanks!