Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bragging Rights

First, I have to brag about Brad. He has been working so hard and so much lately that sometimes I don't know how he does it. He is still working overnight (only for another month though!) and a typical shift has been 13-14 hours lately. He is on his feet the entire time, sometimes not even taking a break to eat. He worked so hard to become an assistant manager and he continues to do the best he can everyday. Being part of Wal-Mart management is not an easy task. When the store manager took the rest of the management team and their spouses out to dinner for the holidays, he made a speech to the spouses. He said that he was thankful for everyone's support and that being married to a manager was not easy and it took a lot of work. We need a suppport group! No, it's really not that bad in my opinion but I could see how some might struggle. I have always been very supportive of Brad and I knew from the beginning that this promotion would require much more time. I'm very thankful for all of Brad's support and hard work, especially since it's making it possible for me to only be working part time right now. All the hard work has finally paid off! Brad received his bonus and was able to buy something he has been wanting for a long time. We got a new 55" LCD TV. I'm so proud of him and he deserves his new "toy"!!

Second, I have to brag on myself a little bit. I finally received my actual diploma! I had this tiny fear that, even though I participated in the graduation ceremony, something was going to "come up" later. I thought that they might discover I was really missing a class or didn't meet all the requirements. Now that I have the paper I feel much better. I also received a letter in the mail stating that I made it on the Dean's List and placed in the top 15% of my class. Last semester was so hard with everything else that was going on, that there were SEVERAL times I thought I wouldn't be able to finish. I'm shocked that not only did I finish, but I ended up doing pretty well considering the circumstances. I now have a bachelor's degree and can tell my daughter when she gets older that she walked the stage with me on that very special day!

Enough about us. Hope everyone enjoys the last week of February! Congrats to Badi and Debbie on the birth of their ADORABLE little boy, Jacob!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

30 down, 10 to go!!!

We've made it to week 30 which, of course, means only 10 to go. We're 3/4 of the way through this AMAZING journey. Wow! I still feel great and hope the weeks to come continue to go so smoothly. Brad and I are going to Lamaze this coming Sunday at the hospital so I can learn how to "hee hee hoo hoo" through the pain. I wonder if it will be like the movies where they make you act like you're actually in labor, legs in the air, etc. If so, I can just see Brad excusing himself to go to the restroom and then never coming back. Ha!

I LOVE the evenings when I can take a warm shower and then crawl in bed with whatever book I'm currently reading. Haylee likes to practice her gymnastics when we get in bed so it's also fun to feel her move so much. That being said, I'm off to shower and read!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great song!!

I heard this song the other day on the radio and it made me cry. The words say it all for how I feel about Brad coming into my life! This video is perfect too because it shows pictures from one of Brad's very favorite shows, Jag. I also LOVE Natalie Grant!! It's just perfect...listen to it! :) (I don't know why you can't just click on the link, but if you copy and paste it will take you to it.)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

28 weeks

Here's the updated nursery picture with the lighter green letters. I think it matches better now. We don't have the crib bedding yet so it looks a little bare. The teddy bear in the crib is a gift my Mom received for her retirement, intended just for Haylee.

We're 28 weeks today! :) Here's that picture:


Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy Weekend

First, I have to say WAY TO GO to my Mom for her retirement on Friday, Jan. 30. She put in 30 years at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the department of Ophthalmology and it is time for her to relax and enjoy the next part of her life. Brad and I were able to make it to the breakfast her work gave her on Friday morning. It was a very special ceremony and "good-bye" for her. She even gave a little speech at the end. Way to go Mom!

On Sunday, I had my first baby shower. Four of my good friends spent a lot of time and effort on putting it together and I am so grateful for everything they did. These girls mean the world to me! (Amy, Lindsey, Me, Lauren M., and Lauren S.)

The shower was wonderful and Haylee got so many gifts! She is so loved already, it's amazing!! I had a blast going through all the gifts again after the shower, when I had more time to look at each and every thing.

I also changed the green color of the letters above the crib so that it matches a little bit better. I'll post an updated picture of that later.
Hope everyone has a great week!!