Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Updates on Everyone

Update on my Dad: Last week we noticed that our yard was looking pretty bad and really needed to be mowed. Some may remember, but last year we got in trouble with the city for our grass being too long. They gave us a warning and threatened us with a big fine should it ever happen again. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing EVER, but regardless of how stupid it is, we can't afford to take the chance and get in trouble again. Brad hurt his chest helping his dad with his fence and was really not looking forward to mowing. My dad, being the wonderful father that he is, offered to come do it for us. Since I'm obviously in no condition to do yardwork right now I took him up on his offer. My mom and I were inside the house when we realized the mower had been quiet for a few minutes. After going out to check on my dad, we found him on the garage floor. He had passed out and really didn't look good. After calling the paramedics, spending a few hours in the ER, and eventually being checked in to a different hospital for a couple days worth of tests, he is scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday for an aortic valve replacement. While it is scary to think of my dad going through this kind of surgery, I know that it is for the best and hope that it makes him feel better in the end.

Update on baby and me: Last Friday I went to the doctor for my routine visit. Everything looked good, but I'm still having contractions so they did another exam. My cervix was starting to shorten (I was about 50% effaced for those that understand the "terms") so I was told to get off my feet as much as possible. They also gave me some medicine to take when the contractions pick up, which is usually in the evening. I took the pills once before I decided that going through the contractions was much better than dealing with the jittery feeling that results from the medicine. I went back to the doctor today and they did an ultrasound to see how the baby was doing through all of this. She appears to be doing great! Haylee weighs 5 lbs 15 oz and is 19 inches long as of right now. The doctor said that I can pretty much do my "normal" activities now because after 35 weeks they won't really do anything to stop labor should it decide to start. At this point we are going to continue to take it day by day, but we are very optimistic with everything. The only big concern we have is that my dad will be having open heart surgery when I'm 36 weeks pregnant!! Hopefully Haylee will be patient and not try to come too early, but it's all in God's hands!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Nursery is Done!

We finally finished the nursery!

We had shower #3 on Sunday and, once again, we realized how truly blessed we are!! (I don't know if you can see them, but in the middle is Haylee's first pair of pink Converse shoes!)

We've actually had a lot going on lately, but I'll post more later. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll update after the appointment. Also, please keep my dad in your prayers. He's having tests done on his heart today and tomorrow and I'll give more details on that later as well.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

34 weeks

I'm very happy to have made it this far! Not too much longer and our little girl will be here. In some ways it seems to have gone by fast, but in other ways it feels like I've been pregnant forever. I'm still having contractions, but they haven't gotten any worse so we're just taking it day by day. I'm trying to stay off my feet and take it easy as much as I can. I'm so glad that everything is pretty much done so that I can relax. Brad has been wonderful in helping to do as much as he can, but he's still working nights. He was supposed to switch back to days last week, but that plan got postponed to the end of April. I was pretty bummed out because we were both ready for him to be home at night again, but I'm slowly getting over it. The good news is that if something does happen while he's at work, he won't be too far from the hospital. We're hoping that Haylee will wait at least 2 more weeks before trying to make her appearance. Even though I'm having some contractions already, she could wait until after her due date to come. I guess that's the fun part...not knowing what will happen or when! Here's the 34 week picture:


Saturday, March 14, 2009

False Labor...what fun!

I mentioned in the last post that I had been having some Braxton Hicks, but not enough to worry about. That changed on Thursday night. While Brad was getting ready for work I noticed that they were coming more frequently so I began counting them. When I reached 7 in one hour, as much as I didn't want to, I called the nurse just to be safe. I knew she had told me the last time that more than 6 in an hour were too many and I needed to call if that happened. I also knew it would make Brad feel better if I did before he had to leave for work. It was after hours so I had to use the emergency line. (Keep in mind I felt completely normal except for the light contractions which is why I felt so silly about calling.) The nurse told me to count and time each contraction for the next hour and then she would call me back. Brad went ahead and left because it was a very busy night at work and I sat down with my pad and paper. When she called back an hour later, I told her that I counted 10 contractions in one hour, averaging about 5 minutes apart. She said I needed to go to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to see what was going on since that was too many.

My parents were luckily not too far away at the time because they had just finished bowling. They came and took me to the hospital and I was checked into triage. They hooked up all the monitors and, sure enough, I had 5 contractions in the first 30 minutes. I was glad to hear this, NOT because I wanted to be having contractions, but because I had this tiny fear that I wasn't really having contractions at all and I just didn't know how to identify one. She checked to see if I was dilated and I was not, which was very good news. The nurse called the on call doctor and they decided to give me a shot to try to stop them. After receiving the shot, I had to stay on the monitors for an hour to make sure it worked. I only had one or two contractions after that so it was enough to satisfy everyone. After being there for over 2 hours, I was finally released to go home. The triage nurse gave me strict instructions on what to watch out for and when to come back if anything else happened. She also told me that, even though I kept calling them Braxton Hicks, they were still contractions and I had done the right thing by going in. This made me feel much better since I was hesitant about calling the nurse and going to the hospital in the first place. I'm always afraid of making a big deal out of nothing.

Anyways, I woke up Friday morning feeling crampy and having contractions once again. (I'll make this part short, promise.) I called the nurse again and she said to come in to see the doctor. After another exam, he said that I still wasn't dilated and my cervix wasn't thinning at all. This is good news and means that right now it's just false labor and nothing to worry about. We are going to keep an eye on it and I might have to be checked more often, but for right now everything is ok. The triage nurse and the doctor both said that Haylee is doing great and none of this seems to be bothering her. While we were in triage and I had the two monitors on my belly (one for contractions, one for her heartbeat), she kicked them both the entire time. I don't know if I've said it before, but she does not like things on my tummy. She will kick anything on there until it is moved. You could hear her kicking the heart monitor several times while were there. Crazy little girl! :)

Sorry that was so long, but that's been our excitement. Hopefully she will stay in and "cook" for at least another couple weeks!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Sympathy Pain??

I've always heard that the closest a male can get to experiencing the pains of childbirth is by passing a kidney stone. If that's true, Brad can now tell me what to expect. Last week, Brad came home from work in severe pain. He took some extra strength tylenol and tried to sleep, but that did nothing. When the pain got unbearable I took him to the ER. The poor guy looked absolutely miserable and I felt so bad for him I was crying. In the 6 1/2 years we've been together, I have never seen him in that much pain (not even when he broke his nose or had the surgery to repair it)!! When we got to the ER, they admitted him quickly and began an IV drip with fluids and pain medicine. After doing a CT scan, they confirmed that he had passed a kidney stone. The good news was that, by the time they did the scan, it had already passed so the worst was over. Needless to say, he is feeling MUCH better now and NEVER wants to go through that again!

Other than that little adventure, everything else is pretty normal. Haylee's room is almost finished. (I'll post pictures when we get it completely done.) Her bag is packed for the hospital and the car seat is all ready to go. We are very ready to meet her and can't believe that her due date is next month already! Up until last week I could still do just about anything. I was able to keep up with all the house work and run errands with no problem. I started having Braxton Hicks about Wednesday, though, and was told I needed to start taking it easy. The nurse said that more than 6 in one hour were too many and I reached 5 several times. I think it's just my body's way of telling me to slow down a little bit. I came up with a few signs that one might be getting closer to the end of their pregnancy:

- The AC in your house and car need to be repaired because neither one is working right
- You need a new couch because it's no longer fact, it might be time to get a new bed too
- Walking up one little flight of stairs is much harder than it used it be, someone must have added some extra steps when you weren't looking
- Flip flop weather is the best news ever since it's become quite a challenge to bend over to put on socks and shoes
- Shaving your legs once a week is an optimistic goal
- Those little kicks and flutters that were so cute before start to feel like karate chops (ok, they are still awesome though no matter how strong they get)

The list could go on, but I'll stop there. Hope everyone has a great week!! :)


Monday, March 2, 2009

Shower #2

On Sunday, my mom held a baby shower at her house. It was great to see everyone and I had such a good time. My mother in law brought the cake and it was adorable!! Cooper St. Bakery did a great job like always. Of course, a big thanks to the best mother in law ever for picking out such an awesome cake!!

Once again, I was amazed at how much love and support our little girl (that no one has even met yet) has! She is truly blessed with a great group of people in her life already, just like Brad and I have been all these years. I don't think she will have to wear the same outfit during her first 6 months! :)

Maybe it's my slight case of OCD, but I enjoy going through everything after the showers. I wash everything (clothes, towels, bibs, washcloths, blankets, etc.) before putting them in the appropriate place, disinfect toys, pacifiers, and bottles, and put everything else where it needs to go. It's fun (for me anyways) to get everything organized. I can't wait to pack her diaper bag for the hospital and install her carseat! :) Of course, more than that, I can't wait to bring her home so she can use all her wonderful new things!
Thank you to everyone who helped with this shower, especially my Mom for everything she did!!