Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miracle Baby

Our little miracle is 5 days old today and has done really well adjusting to life outside the womb. She has been such a wonderful baby so far!! We are enjoying every minute with her. She loves to sleep with her hands by her face.

She also loves to sleep with her Daddy.

Here she is having a little tummy time.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

She's Here!!!!!

Haylee Gail Hodges was born Friday, April 24, 2009! She weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and is 21 1/4" long. We're so glad she's finally here!

My water broke at about 1:45 pm on Friday. It wasn't a big gush, but more of a trickle so we weren't quite sure at first. We packed up the car and headed to the hospital anyway. They tested the fluid and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid so I was admitted.

They started me on pitocin pretty quickly, uping the dose every 15 minutes. By 6:00 I was ready for the epidural! Things progressed pretty quickly after that and I started pushing a little after 10:00. Haylee was born at 11:40.

The deliver went great and we were very blessed to not have any major problems. We stayed two nights in the hospital and were released the afternoon. It's great to be home!! We're so happy and can't wait to watch our little girl grow up (but not too fast of course). :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No news really

Not too much to report, but I said I would give the update. Nothing's changed much since last week. If I haven't had her by my next appointment on Monday then the doctor will start "helping" things along. I hope that she either decides to come by herself before then or that the next 6 days go VERY quickly!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Still pregnant

No news to report really...this little baby is very content where she is. My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow so we will see if there's been any progress since last week. Until then, here's a few things I've learned in the past week:

*I'm no longer allowed to call anyone. If I do, I hear a panicked "Hello" on the other end of the line. I must now send a text to my friends stating "I'm bored, call me". HOWEVER, if people haven't heard from us in a couple days they panic. There's no winning this situation I'm afraid.
*I'm no longer sleeping through the night due to frequent potty visits so I might as well have a cute little baby to take care of while I'm up. I've proved I'm ready!
*I seem to look "small" for being almost 39 weeks pregnant. A lady asked today how many more months I had and was completely shocked when I said "only 9 days". This is definitely not the first time to hear something like that (although I feel like a whale, ha!).
*Myth: Walking can induce labor. Reality: Walking leads to sore legs and tiredness.
*Myth: Spicy food can induce labor. Reality: Spicy food leads to unpleasant heartburn.

I guess that's about it for now. More tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Close

While we were making breakfast this morning I noticed my right eye had sort of a blind spot. Eventually it went away, but I was left with a terrible headache. My appointment was supposed to be tomorrow, but I called to see if they happened to have any openings today. I figured if they had an opening we would take it, but if they didn't then I wasn't going to worry about it. They did have an available appointment so we took it. The doctor said she thought it was a migraine, probably due to hormonal changes since I don't usually get migraines. After the exam she said I was 80% effaced, dilated to a 1 1/2, and the baby has moved down even more. She said I have made significant change since last week, and added to the unusual migraine, she suspects that something will happen soon! We are definitely ready to meet our little girl, so anytime she wants to come is fine with us!! :)

Here's the latest addition to Haylee's large wardrobe, but one of our favorites! I'm trying to find a little red bow for her to wear with it, but the only ones I've found so far are pink or purple. I will keep looking!

My favorite part of the outfit is the backside:


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So far....

So far it's been a good day!

--We got to sleep in until 9:00 this morning.

--Brad went and got donuts for us...yum! :)

--37 week doctor appointment went well. We go back again next week.

--We picked up Brad's prescription for the bursitis in his hip. Hopefully this medicine works and we don't have to discuss surgery. I don't want him in pain ANYMORE!!

--My dad should be coming home tomorrow. He might be on oxygen for a little while, but at least he'll be home!!!!!

--Now we're relaxing until the Ranger game comes on.

(Oh and...I just had some ice cream. Maybe I should rethink my diet??? Nah, I'm thinking donuts and ice cream are too good to rethink.)


Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Rangers!!!!!

(Note: I look so tired because I just woke up. Brad had just gotten off work so that's why he looks more alert.)

If you know us at all, then you know that we are HUGE Ranger fans. We consider ourselves true fans too because we stick by them every year through every game, even if they aren't doing too well. We've been looking forward to the season starting for a while now. Although we weren't able to get tickets to the game because of the uncertainty of Brad's work schedule, we are watching from home. We dressed up in our jerseys, made chips and queso, and are having our own little watching "party". It's a great afternoon at our house!! :)

We went to the hospital this morning to visit my Dad and he is doing better! He's still in ICU, but it's very possible that he will be moved to a regular room in the next day or two. His breathing problems caused a major setback in his recovery, but he is slowly getting better. He was sitting up talking today and it was so good to see him getting back to "normal". He is making a big effort to do what he needs to do in order to get better. Hopefully he will be able to go home at the end of this week if things keep progressing like they should. We're keeping our fingers crossed!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Spare a Prayer?

Although my Dad's surgery went very well, he has had a little setback in recovery. He is having some breathing difficulties is still in ICU. They had removed the tube that was down his throat, but put him on an oxygen mask when he wasn't stabilizing enough. They decided this morning that they needed to put the tube back in his throat because the mask wasn't enough. They have also put a tube in his stomach to help with nutrition needs. I know he must be miserable with tubes everywhere, but I have been reassured that he is heavily sedated. I really hope he's not in any pain.

I actually haven't made it up to the hospital yet. Before his surgery, my Dad called and asked that I not come up during the surgery. He said he would feel better knowing I was home resting and that, due to all the medication, he wouldn't be very aware of his visitors anyway. I probably still would have gone, but to be honest I don't want to see my Dad like that. I really don't know if I could handle it. He was only supposed to be in ICU about 2 days so I planned to go as soon as he was moved to a regular room. Since he will be in the hospital much longer than expected now, I will probably go up there tomorrow.

If you have an extra prayer to spare, can you say one for my Dad? Thanks!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

36 weeks

As the doctor put it yesterday, we're in the home stretch now. Not too much longer!

Thank you to everyone who has sent good thoughts and prayers my Dad's way. His surgery went well. He's still in ICU but will hopefully we moved to a regular room in a day or two. I'll update when I know more.