Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Girl

Haylee is growing...growing...growing! My 4 1/2 month old is in 9 month clothes. I'm not sure who decides what is appropriate size/age matches though. It seems like they NEVER correspond with any child!! She is in the "greater than 97th percentile" group in both height and weight so I guess it's only expected. She turns herself in her crib while she's sleeping. We dress her in "warm" pajamas each night so that we don't have to worry about a blanket since she moves so much. The only problem now is that when she turns 180 degrees she gets stuck because she is head to toe sideways in the crib. Every once in a while we'll hear "uhhh.....uhhh...." in the middle of the night. It actually makes us laugh because we know she's stuck and just needs to be turned. She always goes right back to sleep. Haylee has always been a GREAT sleeper (just like her parents)! We lay her down like this:

And find her like this:
She's starting to show a real interest in table food. Since we started rice cereal, she usually eats about 5 bites before becoming very uninterested in the rest. However, yesterday she ate the entire bowl! Today when I put her in her chair and put the bib on she got a big smile and opened her mouth wide. I'm not sure what changed but she likes it now. We were eating lunch with Brad's parents the other day and she reached her hand in Papa Dave's chip bag. Brad's a big tootsie roll pop addict (like we buy them at Sam's kind of addict!!) and Haylee would really like to have one of her own.

Now if she could only figure out how to get the wrapper off....