Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 months old

Here is what I started a couple weeks ago and am just now getting around to finishing! -

This past weekend Haylee turned 9 months old! She did great at her checkup yesterday.
30 1/4 in. long
24 lbs 4 oz
She is still above the 97 percentile in both height and weight, but her weight is now a little more "appropriate" (not sure if that's the right word but hopefully you get the point) for her height. She's growing great!

I'll leave you with a few pictures and some of her favorite things. If I try to do too much this won't get posted for another couple weeks, ha!
-She LOVES peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, cheese, yogurt, cheerios, crackers, and biscuits. She will tolerate many other foods, but those are her favorite.
-She is crawling everywhere! She mastered the army crawl first, but she is now a pro at crawling on her knees. She spends almost every minute of every day pulling up on EVERYTHING. She will be walking before we know it!
-She says "mama", "dada", and "ooooohh" (that's her way of "uh oh") frequently. If you're lucky she might say "hi" and "bye bye" to you. She definitely has the wave down, but the words are only spoken at random.
-She cracks her self up! She loves to put on a show and make sure that everyone is watching her. Our little girl is quite a character!

Here she is with her Daddy after successfully taking his tootsie roll pop out of his mouth and putting it in her own.

The BEST way to ride in the grocery cart... Oh I'm brushing my teeth on bottom....cause I wouldn't want to say that I forgot 'em...(Barney anyone??)
I can't believe it's the middle of February already!! We are BUSY BUSY all the time, but I will try to update again soon. Hope everyone is enjoying 2010 so far!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Feels a Little Like Christmas...Right??

The world's worst blogger is back with a recap of Christmas! It seems to come and go so quick each year, but we still had a wonderful time this year. On Christmas Eve we went to church and then had Christmas with Brad's parents and sisters. It's sort of become a tradition to do it this way each year and I really like it. We usually have pizza (which is my FAVORITE) and open our presents to each other. Here's our little elf that night.

On Christmas morning, Brad and I usually get up and have our little Christmas together before heading over to my parent's house. This year we were beyond thrilled to have Haylee with us and to wake up and see that SANTA CAME!!! She really enjoyed opening her stocking and her presents.

After she opened all her presents we headed over to my parent's. We had a great time visiting with them before going to have yet another gathering with Brad's grandparents.

Haylee had a blast going through all the toys she received while they were still piled under the tree. I left them there for a few days until I had organized her room a little better to move all her new toys in. Between Santa and her grandparents I'd say she made out pretty well for her first Christmas!! :)

The day after Christmas we went to my mom's cousin's house to have Christmas with that side of the family. Haylee had a 5 month old boyfriend while we there and just couldn't get enough of him!

Shortly after this last picture was taken, Haylee put her hand on top of Carter's and proceeded to pull the poor innocent kid across the wood floor. She LOVES being around other kids and can definitely hold her own...not really sure if that's going to be a good thing or not.
All in all, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Having Haylee with us this year made us remember how exciting the holidays were when were younger. It's so fun to see everything though a child's eyes. We look forward to all that is to come!!