Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun

Haylee's first Easter was a success! She went to a couple egg hunts, we dyed eggs and made sugar cookies, we went to Easter service at church, but the most exciting was....the Easter bunny came to our house!! Apparently when you get older, you don't always get visits from him. Now that we have Haylee though...he's back! We started off the Easter celebration with an egg hunt at our church. Here she is ready to go:
She didn't quite understand the whole concept, but she had fun! She would've been content playing with the first egg she picked up for a good 5 minutes I'm sure.
I also took her to the church I grew up at for their egg hunt. I didn't even bring her basket this time because we were really just going to visit.
The Easter bunny came and filled Haylee's eggs with animal crackers and fruit puffs. I'm sure it will be much more exciting when she can actually eat candy! :)
Her grandparents all got her wonderful presents as well. Here she is opening something at my parents' house. She figured out real fast all she had to do was shake it and the tissue paper eventually fell off. Smart girl!
I just thought this was a cute picture taken at the nursery I work at. She loves to point and say "Usstis"...of course she's saying "What's this?"...I mean she's a genius right?
Last but definitely not least, this is my favorite! I was cleaning out her closet and drawers to get rid of her clothes that no longer fit. I left for about 15 seconds and came back to this. Silly girl!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! Not only did we enjoy all the activities that go along with the holiday, but we also stopped to remember why we celebrate Easter. We are so thankful to have found a place in our "new" church already and look forward to all the great doors God is opening for our family.