Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September already?!

Time sure does fly!  I can't believe it's September already.  I must say I'm super excited though.  Fall is my FAVORITE!!  I love the weather, colors, decorations, food, holidays, etc.  I can't wait to put up my fall decorations and have all the windows open, while cooking and baking, friends over to watch football.  I love it!!  On with the real "news".  :) 

Brad finally got a new job!!  I am so proud of him for keeping his chin up and his determination going.  We are looking forward to saying GOOD-BYE to Wal-Mart.  His new job is with Dr Pepper and he will be a vendor.  He is very excited to be starting a new chapter.  Haylee picked up balloons for her Daddy the day we found out the great news!

 Other news, we made it to 10 weeks!  As fas as we know everything is great.  I switched over from the fertility clinic to my regular doctor so I'm "normal" now.  Ok, maybe I will never be "normal" but it's good news.  My doctor wants me to see the maternal fetal specialist as well since it's twins.  I have an appointment with him Tuesday, September 13.  I will have more of an update then! 
 Haylee is doing great!  She started preschool last week at my childhood church, Trinity UMC.  It's the same preschool I graduated from!  She loves it and has so much fun playing with other children.  She talks about her teachers and friends all the time.  When I picked her up today she was so excited to tell me, "We got to play outside on the playground today!!"  The weather was cool enough for them to make it outside for recess and she loved every minute!
 She is so much fun to be around and truly a ray of sunshine.  She makes us laugh all the time and comes up with the greatest stories!  We just can't imagine our lives without her!  Tonight before dinner she said "We have to pray first mommy".  I said "You're right baby, go ahead".  Here was her prayer: "Dear God, thank you for our food, thank you for going to church, thank you for daddy going to work, Amen." Thank you God for Haylee!!!  



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